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De pigmenten van Purebeau zijn veilig in gebruik. Je kan kiezen tussen veel verschillende pigmenten. Het pigment geeft een intensieve kleur en blijft goed zitten. Het voldoet aan alle veiligheidseisen. Het pigment is als zeer goed getest.

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Inhoud: 3ml, 5ml
Kleuren: Monroe, Chinese Earth, Dunkel, Muddy Waters, Queens Brow, Taupe Medium, Blond
Kleuren voor eyeliner: Brazilian Black Night, Triple x Black
Kleuren voor lippen: Scaramouch, Liebesglück, Bella Ciao, Soolaimon, Strawberry, Valentino, Wild Rose

The PUREBEAU COLOUR METHOD is absolutely safe and definitely leads to perfect results. This is achieved not only by the pure and very fine colour pigments (Dermatest: very good), but also the sophisticated way of dealing with colours and so-called correctors. Potentially negative influences are spotted beforehand through a well-founded colour analysis of the skin and action to counter these is taken accordingly. The colour spectrum is co-ordinated for all skin types and allows natural correction and perfection. Know-how and talent are vital for anyone wishing to practice in the spirit of the PUREBEAU method. Achieving unconditional cosmetic beauty through permanent make-up requires excellent make-up-artist skills and well-founded familiarity with cosmetics.C

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3 ml, 5 ml


AB08 Monroe, Chinese Earth, Dunkel, Muddy Waters, Queens Brow, Taupe Medium, Blond, Brazilian Black Night, Triple X Black, Scaramouch (lip), Liebesgluck (lip), Bella Ciao (lip), Soolaimon (lip), Strawberry (lip), Valentino (lip), Wild rose (lip)

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